How can I return/exchange?

We stand behind our products all the way. That's why we give our users a 100% return/exchange guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the item, you can submit it for a refund/exchange within 60 days.

Variation between products of the same style/collection

If you want to return/exchange; It is sufficient to send your order number in the package and what you want to return if it is a return, and if you have an exchange request, add the name, color and size information of the product you want to exchange.

Refunds are not valid in our campaigns (Buy 3 Pay 2 etc.). Exchanges are accepted for products within the scope of the campaign.

There are no returns or exchanges for personalized (Design Your Own) products.

The shipping fee of the product belongs to the customer when sending it to us for returns and exchanges.

In order for you to pay the shipping fee for returns and exchanges at an affordable price through our agreement, you must fill in the delivery information as the sender and receiver PASAGE during the delivery of the package to Mng Cargo. Otherwise, the cargo company will charge you a higher shipping fee, not through our agreement. In cases where the cargo sent to us for returns and exchanges is not paid by the sender and invoiced to our company, the cargo fee will be requested by you.

Return/Exchange Address:

Yenisehir mh. 13 sc. No: 53 Merkezefendi / Denizli

MNG Cargo (post code: 768939960)

If there is anything on your mind, for information
You can reach us at

When will I be refunded for the product I returned?

Refunds for an order you cancel are completed within 2 business days. The returned product process is as follows:

--After the product reaches us, its compliance with the return conditions is checked.

--If the product complies with the return conditions, the return process is completed within 2-10 days.

-- If the product does not comply with the return conditions, it will be sent back to your address.

--In addition, an information message will be sent to your membership e-mail when your cancellation or refund is completed.

--If you have received this message, it means that your bank has been refunded by Pasage.

--The time it takes for the refunded amount to reflect on your card depends on your bank. If you paid with a credit card, it usually takes a few days. For debit cards, the time for the refund to be reflected in your account is longer.

--Pasage pays the fees of purchases made in installments to the bank at once. The bank returns this amount to your credit card as much as the number of installments per month. For example: If you bought it in 6 installments, the refund will be completed in 6 months.

-- If the orders created with the free shipping campaign are canceled/returned and the remaining amount does not meet the campaign condition, the shipping fee is deducted from the product price to be returned.