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Feb 19, 2021

Her Tarzın Kurtarıcısı T-shirt PΛSΛGE

White t-shirts, black t-shirts may seem plain and simple, but they are a basic type that you need in your wardrobe for all seasons. Whether you're having a formal day or a casual day, you can transform any outfit with a white or black t-shirt. It makes you look comfortably cool no matter the season. It makes you look sharp during a job interview. You can use the same white t-shirt and style in creative ways that will add meaning to an important meeting for you. This is exactly why you should invest in a good product and make it a permanent part of your wardrobe. Pasage brand has prepared a multi-choice t-shirt collection for you by considering this detail. Check our products on our site and you will surely find a t-shirt suitable for you and your taste. Couldn't find it? Then let your creativity speak and create new t-shirts with the Pasage brand… You will look different in the t-shirts you create.

Here are 11 ways to look great with a simple white or black t-shirt that will save you in any situation:

  1. The best part about a white t-shirt is that it always comes to the rescue. Pair the T-shirts with your most comfortable jeans and pair it with heeled stilettos. Wouldn't it be nice to go to the office on Friday, the day before the weekend?
  2. Planning a casual lunch with friends? Complement your white tee with black jeans or a denim jacket with black pants.
  3. Blue jeans, white shoes and a white t-shirt create the best airport look for a trip.
  4. For a mix of formal and casual, a black t-shirt with white pants and black shoes will make you feel very comfortable and at the same time make it formal.
  5. When you're looking for a stylish formal wear for winters and you can't find anything, pair your white t-shirt with a cardigan and you're sure to look stylish.
  6. Planning a fun night with the girls? A nice belt, denim skirt and a white v-neck t-shirt will draw all the attention. Do not forget to add accessories such as a beautiful necklace and earrings.
  7. Black and white is a combination that no one can beat. This is perfect when you strike the right balance between comfortable and stylish.
  8. With high-waisted pants and a white t-shirt, there's no date you can't get over.
  9. When you are too lazy to put effort into your office outfit but still want to look good, combine a white t-shirt with a leather vest and gray trousers… This is a more casual look that fits perfectly into the professional space.
  10. Going out on a nice sunny day? Tuck that white t-shirt into your cutest shorts. Get a casual yet classic look…
  11. Combine your black t-shirt with a colorful loose skirt for a casual look. Complete your combination with the cowboy boots you will wear underneath. Whether for a casual meeting or to go shopping, such a combination will save you.


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