Check Out These When Buying T-Shirts

Feb 19, 2021

T-Shirt Alırken Bunlara da Bakın PΛSΛGE

High quality is achieved in T-shirts by choosing the best fabric and printing method. It may seem simple, but customizing t-shirts and bringing printed t-shirts to life is a complex process. Important points on how to check the quality of printed t-shirts and what to consider when buying t-shirts:

  • The life of different fabrics.
  • The durability of printed designs are key facts.
  • Common mishaps with color vibrancy and saturation.
  • What to look for for the best image clarity and resolution?
  • Pay attention to the finishing and details in the clothes.
  • Breathability is a good thing.

What if we asked you, what is your favorite t-shirt ? Surely you have one or maybe two or three in your wardrobe. We all want our favorite tee to stay with us forever, but depending on how it's made, it may make your relationship with it last longer.

There are many ways outside retailers use printing techniques to keep the life of your garments below average; it exposes you to poorly made garments and causes design cracks, peeling and discoloration.

Before the T-shirt selection process, remember that natural fibers tend to age better than synthetic ones. When you have a t-shirt made of polyblends, it may look broken after a while as each fabric inside has a different expiration date. As Pasage brand, we recommend wearing 100% cotton clothes to ensure quality and long-term durability.

How to check and buy high quality custom printed t-shirts?

Keep this guide handy because you'll need it after you receive your production samples and when you unpack your order. In the end, it's better to know what to look for in your customized t-shirts and apparel before it's too late. Customers and stakeholders are impressed, not badly dressed.

Interested in high quality t-shirts and sweatshirts? Pasage is a brand that manages print orders of all sizes from a variety of printing techniques. We specialize in mass printing for businesses and events, especially personal. Whether you need a 1-piece, party, special event, or mass production of thousands of customized garments; we have it! Visit our Pasage website to learn more.

The most important variables that affect the quality and durability of a custom t-shirt are:

  • Fabrics used in apparel making.
  • How the particular printing and customization method is applied.
  • Clothing and production that best suits your printing needs.

What is the best quality t-shirt material?

Prints also look better on cotton-based t-shirts and sweatshirts. They also age better than synthetic ones. Therefore, products made from blended materials lose their shape and quality faster because each of their ingredients has different expiration dates. But cotton need not guarantee exceptional quality.

You should know that not all types of cotton are created equal. Longer fibers and tighter woven fibers produce longer-lasting garments. True quality is not related to the weight or thickness of the material, but to its density and softness. Therefore, rely on a cotton fabric that is soft and tight at the same time, as opposed to a heavy and thick one.

However, synthetic fibers can also be of good quality. Natural textiles come in both good and bad forms, and the same can be said for synthetics.

Synthetic fabrics like polyester have a bad reputation, but they're not inherently bad. They are involved in the fashion industry and have superior elasticity, impermeability, breathability, etc. They are known for.

Consider printing or customization technique

A good printer knows his techniques, just as a good cook knows his materials. As Pasage , we are also experts in t-shirt printing.

Converting images into vector designs and applying them to a screen for the print stage is an easy process. Real quality in screen printing comes from a proper curing process where the design is sealed into the fibers, allowing the ink to stretch with the fabric rather than crack. As a reference; Under-cured ink tends to stick to itself and peel or flake off during washing, while over-cured ink will likely crack.

Pasage brings complex designs to life in a cost-effective and highly detailed manner for its clients. The key to the digital printing technique lies in how advanced the machines are and the selection of suitable garments in advance.


Transfer printing takes special paper cuts, screen-printed or digitally printed pages, pre-existing designs or colored paints and transfers the image to the t-shirt or desired apparel.

One of the key elements of making custom garments is knowing which technique to buy. Pasage's printing and business experts will tell you which fabrics, materials and printing methods best suit your goals.

For example, t-shirts for a summer concert or festival need to be lighter and more breathable.

Sportswear will need to be based on synthetic materials.

Because polo t-shirts for your staff are quite durable, they are more likely to choose this way.

These are just a few examples of how the final decision can be made to meet specific considerations. However, as Pasage , you can always contact us and get information about this subject.



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